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Latitude Aero is a FAA and EASA certified Part 145 aircraft seating overhaul provider that specializes in seat repair and refurbishment, deep cleaning, aftermarket parts support, contract manufacturing, and IFE & ISPS upgrades.

We are experts in aircraft modernization, offering viable solutions for cabin upgrades of any scope, including power and entertainment retrofitting as well as modernizing the overall seating experience for your passengers. Latitude is a growing company in the United States, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, and looking to open more service and repair stations both domestically and internationally in 2021.

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We partner with our customers to deliver the most innovative solutions. They trust us to solve even the most complex challenges, as we continually evolve and scale to meet each customer’s unique needs. We’re honored to call some of the world’s finest organizations our partners.

Greiner Aerospace
Aruba Airlines
Atlas Air
Avia Traffic Company
FrontRow Aviation
Collins Aerospace
ST Engineering