Latitude Aero


Latitude Aero began with a simple idea: Retrofit existing fleets with updated seating and the latest in-flight entertainment systems - for less than half of the cost, in a fraction of the time. But even simple ideas need a team that can make them actionable.

Our founders collectively offer more than 90 years of aviation manufacturing, repair, installation and sales experience. As such, our collective aviation expertise and customer-driven focus has propelled us to become the industry leader in the seat retrofit market.

Our focus is providing turn-key solutions that defy the traditional limitations, while maintaining regulatory compliance and safety. It’s about being nimble, flexible, faster, smarter. Our small, strategic team will help you achieve that.

At Latitude Aero, we share a passion for the evolution of the passenger experience. That’s why we’ll never stop working to identify solutions that elevate your business.

Our Team

Kelvin Boyette, Founder, President & CEO
Edwin Cooper, Chairman of the Board
Britt Vergnolle, Board Member
McFadyen Anderson, Board Advisor