Latitude Aero

Our Services

Latitude Aero can provide a number of services to an airline, operator,or MRO, including, but not limited to the following on and off wing services:

On-wing services include:

  • Minor cleaning of the entire seat assembly
  • Dress cover cleaning and changing as needed
  • Parts changes that can occur on the aircraft, such as hydrolocks, tray tables, latches and other plastics
  • Seat belt cleaning and/or change outs

Off-wing services include:

  • Seat deep cleaning
  • Seat modifications, such as installation of new dresscover and plastics or trim and finish updating
  • IFE upgrades and modifications 
  • Adding In-seat power (ISPS)
  • Seat parts procurement and management

The off-wing services generally occur during a maintenance event that requires the aircraft to be in the hangar for an extended period. For quicker maintenance events and shop visits, the services above can be customized to do on-wing in your facility or at the gate.